Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shop Update Part II

Well, after a small prescribed burn, I have at least one corner of the shop decent enough for some pictures.

First is the new wood rack doing its job quite nicely:

I didn't realize how much 6' stock I had picked up. This was mostly because the old rack couldn't handle 8' stock in an easy manner. Now that I have a much better rack, I can go back to buying longer, and thus more versatile, stock.

As I mentioned in a comment on the previous wood rack post, I added plywood "decking" to the second and third shelf to both increase the racking resistance (earthquakes) and allow for easier storage of shorts. Also, I added sliding trays under the bottom platform to handle even more shorts.

And here is the GGTC - Gigantic Green Tool Chest:

The body of the chest is made of 3/4" birch plywood that I found buried at the bottom of the old wood rack. I don't use plywood very often anymore, but this was leftover from my table saw days and much too nice to send to the landfill.

This is going in to my school shop to safely keep unsupervised hands away from sharp tools.

Now it's back to the shop overhaul - next up, the new wall!


  1. I wan't that wood rack, preferably with the wood too... I only need to move out of the house and get my own house. Soon. Soon. Then I will have the shop of my dreams.

  2. It's great to see you back and your students are very lucky. That's an awesome and very BIG chest!

  3. Trevor - I'm glad you like the rack - I'm really enjoying it too. I keep asking myself "What took me so long to get that?" My old rack drove me crazy, and the new one makes me happy just looking at it. Good deal.

    Dan - Thanks! Yeah, it is huge. Probably a little too large - I think tools will disappear into the depths. I need to fit the inside with some trays or totes...

  4. Dan, I have to say that storage is very nice. I seen one kinda simular from Popular Woodworking site I do believe.

    It looks like it's holding up and doing a wonderful Job. I've still yet got to get my Shop in order, I got way to much junk in my Shop to get stuff organized lol.

    Maybe one day when money is here and not there lol. Oh I like the chest to, that's gonna be a great addition to the school. Did you put in smaller trays or something to organize? If tools are gonna be stored in it, It'd be kinda neat to say put in so many Small Toolboxes with maybe names on it, that could slide back and forth to come out or something.

    Maybe a Retractable Handle, that will fall back in, but when ready to put away, can pull out the handle to carry, then when stored away in the chest, it will fall back in place to be stackable.

    Anyway, pretty sweet projects, enjoy all of them.


  5. Handi - Thanks! Right now the chest is just a huge box, but in the near future I will add sliding tills or stackable totes. I like the idea of the retractable handles. Thanks, and glad you liked it (even though it is painted ;)

  6. Dan, I'm amazed that you remembered lol. Bout the Paint lol.

    I'll see if I can come up with a Drawing or something for the Handles to give you an Idea what I mean by them.

    Well I'm sure you already know lol, but just a generalization, maybe an easy way to make or something, don't know lol.

    I'll email you a picture later, won't be perfect, but to give you an Idea!


  7. You forgot to put the words "of doom" in the name of the box.

  8. Handi - Thanks, I look forward to seeing it!

    Josh - My mistake! GGTCOD it is! What was I thinking?

  9. Ok, Dan, I'm going to have to call out on this one. Did you install a laser alignment system for the stock on that rack? Because it's entirely too orderly.

    There needs to be a 4' deep by 3' high pile of scrap slipping and sliding all over the place at the bottom to make the rack less accessible, plus the odd 8' piece precariously stuffed on each shelf ready to slide off and knock your teeth out.

    At least that's how I've designed my rack...

  10. Steve - That's just the bounce-back from living with long-term shop chaos. If it makes you feel any better, there is a pile of wood at the foot of the rack right now - temporary I hope - as the next phase of the shop wall has started (Thanks to my brother Jim). The top plate is attached to the ceiling and the bottom plate is bolted to the cement floor. Yes!

  11. Any chance you have some measurements for how tall, etc? I'd like to replicate :)


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