Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Hinges on Shaker Cupboard

Whew! Schools out for summer! Now maybe I can get back into the shop!

I did manage a little work in the last couple of weeks. Here's some shots of the cupboard with its new "antiqued" hinges.

First some before and after closeups:

And one of the cupboard in the sun, which happens every morning in the summer, and is exactly the situation in which the old, shiny hinges really bugged me. I am now much happier...


  1. The antiquing really made a difference, Dan. Your cupboard is just beautiful! I love that blue color.

    Now, do you get 3 solid months of shop time???

  2. Isn't it funny/interesting how such a seemingly minor detail can make such a big improvement? I agree with Kari too. Love the blue!

  3. Kari - Thanks! Three months of shop time - I wish! Nope. Only two :) Seriously, I will get out there more, but summer in Alaska is busy, busy, busy, making up for all the dark/cold in winter. I have a ton of house/yard projects and a couple local adventures competing for my time. Not to mention, above all else, my wonderful one year old boy! Hmm, I wonder if his hands are big enough for a block plane yet...

    Bob - Yes, sometimes the small things count more - funny. I love the blue too - it's Union Blue from the Real Milk Paint Co.

  4. Exciting! What projects do you have lined up for the summer?


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