Saturday, November 21, 2009

More Books...

Just wanted to mention that I've updated my List-O-Books link in the left sidebar. It's under the Woodworking Library heading. I also made the link font bigger (thanks Josh!). As always, my favorites are in bold. If you see anything you'd like more information about, feel free to post a comment here or email me.

Here are a few of the latest additions to the library with accompanying notes:

How to Make Mission Style Lamps and Shades - I've been eyeing this book for at least a year at a local used book store. As I think I am getting ready to try my hand at making a lamp, I thought this book might prove useful.

Making Chair Seats from Cane, Rush, and Other Natural Materials

The Craft of Chair Seat Weaving with Cane, Rush, Splint and Rope - These were more of a long range purchase. I'm sure at some point I will want to learn how to do this, but the books were available now.

The Best of Fine Woodworking: Beds and Bedroom Furniture - Full of good ideas. Most of the techniques are power tool oriented, but I bought this more for the design information.

Country Pine Furniture - This is a book written for the "collector" - I have a number of these in my library. The text of these books I find frequently strange, sometimes interesting, and occasionally flat out wrong (IMHO). They do however, tend to include nice photographs which I love to pore over.

Williamsburg Reproductions - Now this one is really odd. It's a catalog from the early 1970's. It covers reproductions of everything: furniture, china, wallpaper, lamps, trivets, candles, silver, pewter, paint etc. While it does have some photographs of historical pieces (including a paneled chest which also appears in the Country Pine book above - synchronicity!) it is almost entirely devoted to listing and selling reproductions - but I still found it an interesting potential resource for ideas.

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