Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Woodwright's School

You may have seen this already, but just in case you missed it: Roy Underhill has launched The Woodwright's School website and it includes online registration for the Winter 2010 classes. It also has some great downloadable plans, including the folding book stand I recently posted about.

Man does that make me hate living in Alaska just now. Well, that and the 5 hours of daylight - come on solstice!

You can check it out here: The Woodwright's School


  1. Thanks for passing on that great link, Dan! I'll have to see about signing up for some classes when I get there in March.

    If you ever do make it down to NC, you got a place to stay!

  2. Dan - You're welcome! And thanks for the offer - I might take you up on that someday. I will make it down there sometime, one way or another.

  3. Dan, I'm with you... Leaving in the north have is inconvenients. But man do I like the Northern Lights, the dry climat, the midnight sun and the access to the wild just out the back door! Love the north!
    Take care
    Enjoy the darkness of the winter!

  4. Daggonit! I'm only in the States until January 3 and his very first class is the following week.

    Next time...

  5. Thanks for posting that, I now know what I'm doing for my 40th Birthday. I've already booked a couple classes, and my wife is getting plane tickets tonight.

  6. David - Yeah, I do love Alaska, and the winter too, that's why I moved here, but...sometimes...

    Haven't seen good aurora in a long time.

    Eric - Bummer man!

    Badger - Yes! Happy Birthday! That's gonna be hard to top.

  7. I took Roy's class on Dovetails and the Mortise and Tenon yesterday. What a great experience. While I didn't walk away a master, a great teacher gave me plenty of insight and technique to take home. I also had the pleasure of using some fantastic tools that were all properly sharpened!

  8. Travis - Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a great time! Are you planning on taking more classes? I would love to...


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