Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Box

Here's a box I made at the beginning of summer - before the travel craziness set in.

It's basically a larger version of the pencil box made of sassafras instead of oak. I was planning on adding contrasting pegs, but in the end I liked the overall sense of simplicity that this box had, and decided that the pegs would just "busy it up" and ruin that feeling.

I really liked working with the sassafras - the shavings smelled fantastic!

Soon I'll be posting some interesting things I saw this summer, plus a couple of new projects that are on the bench...


  1. That's a VERY FINE looking box Dan!

    Haven't had the pleasure of working with sassafras, since being a kid and whittling once on a stick of it found in the woods. Yes, it has a great aroma.

    Can you tell us more about the notches? Did I miss the secret decoder episode?

  2. Thank you Bob!

    Regarding the notches: the box was a gift, and the notches hold special significance for the recipient. Afraid that's all I am at liberty to share.

  3. I really like the bookmatching on the lid and bottom. Very nice touch!

  4. Nice box! I'm a beginner woodworker, and your blog never fails to inspire me. I was able to make the pencil box you posted, as a short-notice gift for a friend. I turned out very nice and he loved it! Keep up the good work!

  5. Love the bookmatched lid. I'm guessing the heart wasn't an accident. That is some of the cleanest, sharpest, and dead-on construction I've ever seen.

  6. John - Thanks, bookmatching can be a lot of fun!

    CrazyCraftsman - I'm happy to hear that you were inspired, and great job on the pencil box!

    SuperStretch - Correct on the heart, and thank you very much for the compliment!

    Super Handyman Dave - Thanks!


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