Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cool Old Scraper Holder

Well, the usual has happened - too much work, not enough play...

I did pick up this cool old scraper holder on eBay. I don't remember seeing one like it before. I'm pretty sure it was shop made, but I could be wrong. Someone put a lot of time into shaping the handle - it is almost entirely curved and feels great in the hand.

For whatever reason, the bottom jaw doesn't quite close tight enough, but that was easy to fix with some shavings:

The only mark I could find is on the end of the handle - "LVM".

Another old tool with its own mysterious past. Whose hands once held it as mine do?


  1. Lovely shaped piece. I would be interested to know whether you plan to use it. It looks a little blunt for a wet shave!

    1. Oliver - Yep, it's already on the job! See the next post...

  2. Another great old tool from the past. Would you show us some the the results of its work sometime?

    I've been digging through your posts. Do you have any of your school shop? I've been blessed to have been assigned shop next year after almost 30 years in a classroom. I'm looking for any layout hints I can get.

    Steve in Central CA

    1. Steve - Cool - I think you'll have a great time! I'm planning on doing a full post on the school shop - but just now it is full of props and such from our class play...

      I'd also highly recommend "Woodworking With Kids" by Richard Starr.

  3. Wood work at its finest. This is indeed a beauty.


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