Friday, October 19, 2012

Hammer Hanger

After posting about my latest tool panel, the one for miscellaneous tools, a reader asked for a more detailed shot and information on the hammer hangers. So, here it is.

They are made out of 2x stock, and are pretty straightforward to make and harder to describe in words.

First the layout: I put the hammer on top of the wood with the handle perpendicular to the bottom edge, and traced the underside off the head - under the bell and neck and down the left side of the cheek, and under the claw and down the right edge of the cheek. I extended a horizontal line across the gap where the cheek lines turned down toward the vertical. I also marked the top and bottom of the stock with thickness of the hammer head.

Time to cut: I cut the (mostly) vertical cheek lines with a Japanese saw, stopping when I reached the depth marks. Then, using a coping saw, I cut away all the wood above the traced line, following the horizontal line across the cheek cuts. It was short work with a chisel to remove the wood between the vertical cuts to make room for the adze-eye and the top of the handle.

That's it, well except for clean-up, which as you can see was pretty minimal, as I was not too concerned with perfection. Oh, and I did add a gate made from thin stock and counter sink screw holes for mounting the hanger on the panel.

I hope that helped.


  1. So what keeps the gate from falling down? Friction? A stop of some sort?


    1. Mike - Yup, it's friction. The hole in the gate is sized to the screw, so it just rotates on the screw and doesn't turn it. The screw is tightened until the gate will move when pushed but not on its own. It will need occasional adjusting as it wears etc. Thanks for asking.

  2. It would be simple to put a small block under the back side of the gate to keep it from falling down. This could also be on a small screw to allow it to push away allowing the gate to fall and free the hammer.


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