Monday, April 15, 2013

One Hour Stool Part II

So it was time to paint the "One Hour Stool". I had already decided to paint it blue, but just to be sure I brought out the milk paint sticks. Yup, it still wanted to be blue.

I broke out the Real Milk Paint and mixed up a batch of sky blue. I wanted the paint to be somewhat transparent, so I adjusted the proportions to make it more of a wash.

After letting it sit for a bit, I painted up some scraps - Hey, those look like busted up legs from a small stool! Huh, wonder how that happened? Anyway, after they dried, I tested some various oil/wax combinations to see how they would change the appearance.

On the left, is my own beeswax/mineral oil mix. In the center, is Tried & True Varnish Oil. On the right, is Dark Tung Oil. I decided on one coat of the T&T Varnish Oil, and one coat of my own mix.

On to the stool.

First the paint.

Then the oil.

And it's done! I didn't keep track of time during this stage of the stool build. I'd have to estimate that the painting and oiling took about 45 minutes total shop time.

So I guess that would make this one hour stool a two hour stool...


  1. Great project. We have a stool like that and we are always moving it from room to room for projects. I like sitting on it when I have a job that is low to the ground and my wife likes to stand on it for a little added height. I should make another. Everyone should have at lease two of these little helper around the house :)
    They would make great gifts, too.

  2. Nice project! I love the blue colour! :) I should have a stool like that at home. I'm little bit too short, so that would help me!

    1. Thanks Saaara - I am short too and I do find them useful, as do my kids. But you do have to remember to keep your weight off the ends, or you might end up on the floor!


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