Sunday, May 9, 2010

Colonial Williamsburg Joiner's Shop

Last week, two other teachers, four parents and I, took forty 7th and 8th graders on a 6 day trip from Alaska to Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg and Washington DC. It was awesome! And no, I'm not totally crazy - our kids are great.

I didn't have much free time at Williamsburg, as chaperone duties kept me pretty busy, but I did get a few minutes in the joiner's shop. Actually, I thought I was going to the gun smith's shop, but I guess they moved it since the last time I was there.

I'm not sure what the interpreter was working on. I didn't have time to talk to him, but one of the things on the bench in front of him sure looks like part of a bellows to me. Anyway, here are some random photographs from my whirlwind tour.

I'll have to go back someday on my own and really spend some time there. I also took some pictures at Jamestown and a few other places that I will try to get posted soon.


  1. Great pics of the Joiner's shop! Bummer, I wish I'd have known you were going to be down there. My family and I were there the same week. We could have met up, though your chaperone duties may not have permitted it. We spent a few days at Busch Gardens, but most of it at Williamsburg and a day at Jamestown. I really wished I would have gotten a few pics of the reproduction 17th century joined work in the reproduction buildings at Jamestown Settlement. It was neat to be able to actually handle and open them and see all their details. Of course they were reproductions, but still, a nice opportunity to handle pieces you normally wouldn't.

  2. Bob - Thanks! And bummer indeed - I'd have loved to met up with you!

    As for the Jamestown reproductions, I got quite a few pictures and would be happy to share - I'll post them soon.


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