Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mouldings In Practice: A Very Short Book Review

Mouldings In Practice, by Matthew Sheldon Bickford, was under the tree this year. I haven't gotten far in the book yet, but I already love it.

This one quote shows why:

"Nine years ago I was excited to look at all of the things I could do with my router.

Now look at all of the things I can do with my hands."

Amen to that brother!

And that underlying sentiment is why this book is awesome - that, and because he spells "mouldings" with the "u", like I do.


  1. Just finished reading the book, which was really well done. But I spent the whole time, nah I'm never going to need to know this.

    Fastforward to today, I was trying to use a complex molder for a simple quick molding. Of course it went off the rails, and I had to fix it with a hollow and a round. Which I could have just used in the first place with better results.

    I guess it's time to dig out the box of hollows and rounds I picked up and start tuning up some of them.

  2. Like it should be spelt! I got the Joiner and Cabinet maker for christmas and I'm about a third of the way through and loving it. Some great quotes in that to! Mouldings in practice for my birthday I think. Something about a Lost Art Press Book!
    hope you had a good christmas


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