Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pipe Clamps

Okay, this is probably a pretty obvious "tip", but I thought "Hey, you never know..." So here it is: You can easily, and cheaply, extend the versatility of your pipe clamps beyond buying various lengths of pipe, by buying pipe couplings.

Oh, and as for galvanized versus black pipe, my personal preference is the galvanized. It doesn't stain the wood, and as for being "too soft" as some have found, in my experience my black iron pipes are more easily dinged by the clamp clutch. Just make sure it is smoothy galvanized - my local Borg tends to have some that are very smooth and some that are rough.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone.


  1. Thanks much Dan for the nice tips on the pipe clamps. Are the pictured pipes half inch or three quarter inch? I will need to get some pipe clamps as a cheaper alternative to parallel clamps, but wasn’t sure if one size is preferred over the other. Flex factor?

    I see you completed your tool boards. Very nice looking.


    1. Dean - You're welcome! Those are 1/2" but I also have some 3/4". I hardly ever feel I need the 3/4" - they are stiffer and flex less, but I can't remember the last time I needed the extra force. FWIW, those are Bessy that I picked up at the Blue Borg, and I am very happy with them. They are much better than my older Pony clamps.

      Yes, I completed most of the tool boards, but I'm still creeping along on the chisel storage - hence the large empty space waiting patiently on the wall...someday...

  2. Thanks Dan for the tip. I haven't needed to extend my clamps, yet.


  3. When using pipe clamps on high heat areas such as exhaust pipes of a vehicle, it is best to install them with an anti-seize compound that can be applied to clamp threads. This helps in ensuring the clamp will be easy to remove in the future if the need arises. It is something that will be particularly helpful with a chrome exhaust pipe of show type vehicles. The anti-seize application can also be done under or inside the clamp on mating surfaces of exhaust pipes to aid easy system removal whenever necessary.


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