Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Celena's Cookbook Stand

The first neander project I tried after the ledgendary "St. Roy Encounter" (see The Whole Story In Three Pictures post) was the book stand from one board. I followed the guidelines from a handout, and tried to remember the hints he had added during the demonstration. Results were exciting but not exactly great. It sat in the shop doing various light duty work: "Now where am I going to sit this screwdriver/photo/sandwich where it won't disapear in the next 5 seconds? Ah-ha! You there..."

Sometime later I decided to give it another go using some sassafrass that I had picked up somewhere. Results were much better.

Here's a shot of the two iterations:

It was nice, visible, evidence of actual progress in my skills. It had been about one year and I had obvioulsy gotten better at a lot of stuff such as layout (I actually had a marking gauge by this time - shop made no less :), sawing (and saw sharpening), paring with a chisel, and some basic (real basic) chip carving. Plus, Celena really seems to enjoy it.

Finally, here's another couple of shots - at work (What? Doesn't everyone read Joy of Cooking in their shop?), and at rest:

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Test, test. Is this thing on?

Well, let's just see how easy this is.

Hmm, how about a picture:

Okay, that seems to be working...

I guess that's all for now.