Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wood Rack Revisited

Well, I'm still settling in to the new shop. I'd say I'm about 90% in, but man that last 10% is the killer!

One of the main problems is dealing with the wood supply; it just grows! Getting it all to fit into the new, and slightly smaller shop has been a challenge. After doing some calculating, I realized that the wood rack, even fully loaded, was not close to maximum capacity weight wise. That's when I started thinking about using thinner stickers. You might remember seeing a stack of the new the 1/4" stickers drying in the last post.

So far, it is good:

I figure it has allowed me to pack almost 50% more wood into the same space. Unfortunately, there is still more where that came from. Did I mention it grows?

Hmm. Now maybe if I used 1/8" stickers or 1/16" or even...