Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wood Rack Revisited

Well, I'm still settling in to the new shop. I'd say I'm about 90% in, but man that last 10% is the killer!

One of the main problems is dealing with the wood supply; it just grows! Getting it all to fit into the new, and slightly smaller shop has been a challenge. After doing some calculating, I realized that the wood rack, even fully loaded, was not close to maximum capacity weight wise. That's when I started thinking about using thinner stickers. You might remember seeing a stack of the new the 1/4" stickers drying in the last post.

So far, it is good:

I figure it has allowed me to pack almost 50% more wood into the same space. Unfortunately, there is still more where that came from. Did I mention it grows?

Hmm. Now maybe if I used 1/8" stickers or 1/16" or even...

Monday, February 26, 2018

A New Post from The New Shop!

Okay, it's really just a teaser - sorry. I know, I know...

But the new shop is almost done and I thought I'd post a picture or two. This was harder than I planned on as I couldn't remember how to do it! I hope this looks right.

Anyway, here is a little taste...

Oh, did you notice the crisp shadow? Looks like a shadow from sunlight? Yes! A window! I've only been wanting one of those for like 10 years!

Here it is (different day - no sun):

Those are new stickers for the wood rack. Same wood rack as the old shop, but I've accumulated more wood (how does that happen?). I'm changing from 3/4" to 1/4" which should let me have 3 or 4 more layers of wood per shelf. I don't think the reduction in air gap will matter too much as I am not drying wood on the rack, just letting it adjust to seasonal variations in humidity. We'll see.

Oh, did you notice the anvil? Well, the new stickers are cheap lathing strips from the Borg. Very cheap. Very wet. So they are drying under the anvil so they don't warp. Kind of ironic considering their purpose...

Oh, you noticed the jazz cd on the windowsill? Bonus points if you can identify it!

Oh, and what is the "0421" on the trim? No idea - it was there when we moved in...I wonder if there is a safe in the floor around here somewhere...

Okay, that's enough noticing!

More soon! ish!