Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shop Update

You know things are going crazy when a good day is one that you don't talk about burning down the shop.

I think there might have been one day last week that I didn't say it.

The shop is still a royal mess, but I guess progress is being made. I filled the new wood rack - it works great. I'll post on it when I can. I have partially disassembled the old rack, but I wasn't quick enough and it started to fill up again with random stuff looking for a horizontal surface to land on. Where does that stuff come from?

I also managed to finish two projects for the new school shop I am outfitting (I get to teach 6th grade AND hand tool woodworking - yes!). First, I made some adjustments to my sawbench design and completed one of the two we will need. Someday I will post about the Sawbench Mark II (mostly the same really, I just tweaked the dimensions a bit). Second, I just finished a gigantic tool chest to hold the school shop's tools (which still mostly need sharpening, fettling etc.). Next up is the small matter of building six workbenches, but the students are helping with these...

No pictures from either project were taken, as I have no intention of preserving the present state of the shop for posterity. It's just too painful. I want to forget it as soon as possible. I will however try to take some of the final products.

The tool chest should go into school this weekend, and with the room that frees up (did I mention it is gigantic?) I think I can start to make more progress on the shop itself.

Or I could burn it down.