Thursday, May 8, 2008

Teague's Cradle

Well, it's been a long time since I added anything to this blog. This post (and the next one) should help explain what I've been up to - woodworking and otherwise! It's really suprising how fast 9 months goes by - I almost lost the race with cell division. Sad. But in the end I got it done in time.

The design is heavily influenced by a 1850's example in American Country Furniture 1780 - 1875 by Ralph and Terry Kovel. But of course, I had to mess with it and make it mine. The angles proved a nice construction challenge - and a clamping nightmare. Joinery is traditional country style: "whatever works, works". In this case, glued and nailed rabbits. I find this philosophy difficult, as it flies in the face of my own default mantra: "How could I make this more complicated?"

I also finally got to use my milk paint! It is from The Real Milk Paint Co. and I really enjoyed using it. Earth Green cut 50% with White - two coats - then two coats of Tried and True Danish Oil (another favorite of mine - love it!) followed by one coat of Tried and True Original (linseed oil and beeswax mixture). A little slow but completely non-toxic and safe for baby and me.

I have always tended to favor unpainted wood, but there is something nice about how the paint creates a uniformity that ties the piece together. It seems to make it more "one" and emphasise the shape of the whole. I like it...

...and apparently, so does Teague.


  1. Nice cradle! (I was expecting ''Teague's Cradle'' to be some sort of mathematical connundrum...)


  2. Thanks Gye! Hmm, mathematical conundrum...I like it!

    How about: "Teague's Cradle: The duration of sleep, over any given time span, of an infant, will be inversely proportional to the need for sleep of the parent(s) during the congruent time span."


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