Thursday, September 11, 2008

Roy Underhill's New Book

I just want to celebrate that Roy Underhill (reverently referred to by many hand tool enthusiasts as "Saint Roy") is coming out with a new book! Yes! His last book, The Woodwright's Apprentice was published in 1996, so it has been much too long! The new book is titled The Woodwright's Guide: Working Wood with Wedge and Edge. It looks like it will be available in November. I can't wait!

Details on the new book are available at the University of North Carolina Press website.

If you have seen my library link, you have probably figured out that I love books. Well, I can honestly say that Roy's books are my all-time favorites. If you have never read Roy's books, you are missing out on the best of the best! Seriously, I have read them all multiple times and continue to enjoy and learn from them. If you ever have the chance to see Roy live - do it! I was lucky enough to spend three days listening, watching and learning from Roy at a seminar in Anchorage and my woodworking has never been the same again.


  1. I share your love of all things Saint Roy and preordered that book a while ago. Can't wait!

  2. And I believe that you are going to the Woodworking in America conference - I am SO jealous! Please, please, please take pictures and post!

  3. Dan, you better believe I'll take photos and write about the conference. Can't wait! I hope I get to meet Roy...but you alreay beat me to that. ; )


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