Friday, November 28, 2008

Coffee Caddy

We resurrected our Friday coffee group at work and the Galoot Coffee Caddy has been pressed back into service! I made this last year when our group of four became a group of five. Besides accommodating more than the disposable cardboard carriers, it is reusable and much cooler!

This was a fun project with a surprising amount of joinery: dado, stop dado, half-lap, double mortise and tenon, and dovetails. The wood was some mystery "mahogany" which I think is some kind of Philippine or Luan type. I selected only the more dense of the boards as some was too spongy or "popcorny".

Here's the final dry fit:

And a series of the caddy being disassembled down to it's separate components:

After glue-up - first unfinished, and then with a coat of mineral oil:

A close-up of the dovetails. I just love the contrast between end grain and long grain after it has been oiled.

And final shot of the caddy alongside its mock-up. I don't usually do mock-ups, but since the sizing was critical, I wanted to make sure I got it right.

A fun project that makes me happy every Friday! Viva Caffeine!


  1. Beautiful and practical. Well done.

  2. Cute project (and lovely dovetails!).
    Makes me wish I hadn't given up coffee. : (

  3. So much cooler than cardboard...and greener ;).

  4. um. I need one of these! Can you made one for sale?

    1. Well, that might be possible. Email me and we'll talk about it...


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