Friday, January 2, 2009

Shaker Cupboard Photo Essay - Part II

Laying out door panels with a panel gauge.

Ripping close to the line - just a little work left for the jointer plane.

How a knifed line is better than a penciled line - it gives you visible feedback as you approach the line - including whether you are planing the edge square.

Marking one end square to the edge.

Again the knife line tells all - close, but not perfect.

Some low angle block plane work - now it's perfect. I like that glue joint too - the time spent with the jointer before glue-up was well worth it.

Here's a short series on using a square and marking knife together. It's simple really, but until I learned this trick, my accuracy suffered.

Marking the panel to final length - the folding rule is more accurately used on edge.

Keep the knife point in the mark and slide the square down until the knife stops it - simple and accurate.

Turning the corner (arris) with the knife.

Using the corner mark to align the square for marking the edge.

Over to the saw bench for cutting to final length.

Trying to visualize the cupboard with doors - looking for some light at the end of the tunnel - still a long way to go...

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