Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Woodstove Fence - Ready for Assembly

Ready at last! Now I just hope that it all fits together, and that it actually does the job for which it was designed. Boy wouldn't that be frustrating, if after all this time, Teague destroys it in one day! I sure hope not...

And a more artsy shot...


  1. Well, if he does destroy it, the nice thing is...there's a woodstove right there.

  2. I love looking at stacks of milled & joined lumber. I don't know what it is but it gets me all goose-fleshy.
    Nice work!

  3. Josh - So true! Why didn't I think of that? :)

    Kari - I know what you mean. For me the excitement comes from knowing I am very close to performing that minor miracle of creating a unified whole out of individual parts. But my excitement is usually accompanied by a good does of nervousness – gluing up is not my favorite part of the journey. Things get locked in place and the potential for adjusting becomes very limited. I'm always thinking - "Will this match my expectations?" This is one of the reasons I have been wanting to try hide glue - I am tempted by the reversibility.

  4. I sweat buckets and often coin new swear words when I'm gluing up. The dogs go running. It helps me tremendously to do a dry glue up—just to make sure all of the clamps are in the right place and that no joints are too tight.

    Hide glue is too stinky for me. ; )

  5. Kari - I too do a dry "test" glue up. It helps, but only to a point. Somehow, no matter how consistent I try to be, once that open time clock is running, things just go haywire. Murphy's Law? Chaos Theory? SNAFU? I don't know...

  6. Dan,

    I have to admit that is VERY Sweet. Love the pictures... And Will love the outcome, Althou I can say I can't visualize what it will look like by the peices...

    maybe my imagination isn't there this morning lol. Anyway, Good wook, Looking forward to the rest of it!



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