Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Small Investment In A Dream.

Caulking irons.

One day I WILL build a boat...

In the meantime, I enjoy watching Bob Easton build his Fiddlehead.


  1. Dang!!

    You already have more caulking irons than most boat builders. You shouldn't let them sit idle. Get busy on that boat!

  2. I'm with you Dan! Though I really have no plans for a large boat, I do have a cedar strip canoe on the list.

  3. Bob E. –

    Yeah, overkill. I know.

    It was just a stroke of luck really. I was wandering around a "shop sale" full of odds, ends and random plumbing fittings when I tripped over an ammo box. Hmm. Wonder what's in that? Wow! Turns out the guy used to build boats. He only wanted to sell the lot. I figured it was way more than I needed and walked away empty handed.

    But I kept thinking about them, and after looking at prices online, I went back the next day and they were still there. I told my wife, “Well I can always sell the one's I don't need on ebay.” She smiled. I always say that, and I have never sold anything on ebay. But in my defense, how will I know which ones I don’t need until I use them?

    Oh, and they are not sitting completely idle – I did clean the rust off them…now they’re awake and calling to me…

    Bob R. –

    A canoe would be sweet. I have vague plans (just ideas really) for a lapstrake version. But I think I am leaning towards a Rangeley Lake boat. Hmm. Another lapstrake design? I’m not sure, but I don’t think I’d need caulking irons for those…I guess dreams don’t have to be logical…


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