Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bench Project - Part I

I have about three dozen projects on my list, but most of them are on the small side. As far as larger projects go, the three vying for my summer attention are: trestle table, screen door, and settle/bench. The table and the screen door don't make the cut as the current versions of these items are still functioning. However, the bench is falling apart (dowel joints) so it moves to the top of the list.

Here's a shot of the bench to be replaced:

I bought this for Celena back in the dark ages before the shop. It's not too bad really, especially considering it came from a big box store. It's real wood (except for the bottom of the storage compartment - which is some MDF/cardboard type stuff)and the design is okay. It has performed well, and I could probably reglue it and get another couple of years out of it, but I've never really loved it. So it's replacement time!

I haven't yet designed the replacement bench, but it will address the following needs:

Function: seating for at least two adults, storage space of some kind.

Form: fit in with the style of the rest of the house, fit the space where it will live, be constructed to last (no dowel joints).

Looking at my track recorded, I should have the designs finalized by the end of summer...


  1. Sounds like a fun project Dan! I think I enjoy the design process just as much as the building process so I'm glad to hear you're designing something yourself rather than working from plans. I think it adds a lot more of your own character to a piece when you design it yourself, even when the designs are based on antiques. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. Bob - I completely agree with you about plans vs. your own design. I hardly ever use plans, and even then I almost always diverge from them - sometimes on purpose, and sometimes on accident :)

    My design sessions tend to be pretty informal - a couple of sketches (usually done as doodles when I am avoiding doing something else...), a few working drawings that I constantly erase and change to reflect what I am actually doing, and on occasion a mock up or partial mock up to visualize some element of the design.


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