Monday, December 7, 2009

Planes and Shavings: Four Portraits

Stanley #49 Tonguing and Grooving Plane

"Andruss" 1/4" Side Beading Plane

Millers Falls #4 Bull Nose Rabbeting Plane

Stanley #3 Smoothing Plane


  1. I absolutely LOVE these pictures!

    My favorite shavings have to be from the smoothing plane. I enjoy the wispy ribbon like quality of the shavings. With a close second being the whimsical curly shavings of the tonguing and grooving plane.

    Great post Dan, Thanks!

  2. Dan - Glad you liked them! I have to say that one reason my projects take a while to reach completion is that I am enjoying using the tools so much. I just get a kick out of it. And of course I am biased, but I have to say that I never even thought about taking a portrait of my old table saw and its pile of sawdust ;) Things are just different with hand tools - at least for me.

  3. Great job of letting the pictures speak for themselves, Dan!

    If you came up with another eight pictures of planes and their associated shavings, you'd have the makings of a really nice calendar on your hands with just a little bit of time on

    Would be a very inspirational hand tool shop calendar!

  4. Ethan - Thanks! That's a great idea - I'll have to think about doing that. Hmmm. If only I had more planes... ;)

  5. Dan,

    I may have to retune my Rabbeting Plane, from the looks of the shavings on yours. You tune it in to take some Greater Shavings, I set mine to just take a little at a time, I guess like a Smoothing Plane.

    I'll to Play around with it some more, It's too cold outside for me to do any projects with the new planes, so I have them set here in the house til I can get out to the shop.

    I have been playing with them thou a little in the house dirting up my hardwood floor with whisperers and curls from them to get the hang of them slightly lol


  6. Really enjoy your blog Dan, photos like these are some of the reason why.

  7. Handi - It all depends on what your goal is. Usually, when I am working on a rabbet, I'm not too concerned with the finish - so I have the plane set to take a thicker shaving for quicker work. It's a trade off.

    I'm glad you are having fun with your new planes. Do you have a bench in the house?

    Jerry - I'm always curious if others like this kind of stuff - it's nice to hear that you do. Thanks for the feedback.

  8. Dan,

    no I don't have one in the house lol. Just my table wish I did would help alot


  9. Dan, great photo's I too like the smoothing plane. Suitable for framing, wonder if she would like to see that photo blown up and hanging over the fire place :) Thanks for sharing. rick

  10. These pics are absolutely beautiful! It's obvious you enjoy all (or at least most) of the phases of making something out of wood.

  11. Eric - Thanks! And yeah, sometimes I like the process more than the product :)

  12. These pics are great. It would be fun to have a contest to see if you could guess the plane that made the pictured shavings. What do you think?

  13. Thanks Brian! I think that sounds like a great idea for a contest. I'll add that to my list of fun stuff I'd like to do.


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