Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Block Progress

Since I finished the chest, I've been making progress on the set of blocks that will live in it. It's been slow going, but mostly because I have only had short blocks of time in the shop. Sorry - bad pun.

The wood is from the dying library chairs that I first posted about here. This works out great, as the salvaged oak is all short lengths - making it perfect for blocks.

These are "unit blocks". The basic unit is a 1"x2"x2" block. All other block dimensions are fractions or multiples of this unit.

Here's what I have so far, with the chest in the background:

I only have 25 blocks done, but I still have some time. I'm shooting for at least 100.


  1. I'm sure, this is going to be a much loved box. And building block towers with two-year-olds is really rewarding, maybe even more rewarding than building the blocks and the box ..

    I like the block dimensions -



  2. Dan...Your son will love this project when it's completed. Further down the line he will be able to read your postings of the project and enjoy it once more.

  3. Michael - Thanks! I am really looking forward to playing with these with my son. He already loves Legos - but I think there is something special about wooden blocks.

    Your blog is looking great - I'm envious of your shop!

    Bob - That's one of the cool surprises about blogging for me. I've always wanted to keep journals, but it never seems to happen. Then all of a sudden here it is, without me realizing it. Weird. Thanks for reminding me about that!

  4. There is something cool about wooden blocks. I remember playing with them even long after I had other stuff like Lego. The ones I had growing up were 7/8" thick. They were unit blocks, too, so everything was a multiple of 7/8". Somehow, I guess, that got stuck in my head as the ideal unit. It was probably due to economics at the factory more than anything else; that's what a surfaced 4/4 board boils down to most easily.

    Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to making any for my nieces and nephews yet.

  5. Wow I love the blocks. Really bring me back to playing with wooden blocks as a kid, I'm sure your son will love them.

  6. Brian - I think it might be a wood vs. plastic thing. Holding a piece of plastic just can't compete with a block of wood on a very basic level.

    I wonder if anyone has done a study of the unit block concept...

    John - Thanks! I'm sure he will too. In fact, it's been hard holding out on giving them to him early.

  7. Dan,

    Looks like you were having fun making and playing with them for the Photo Shoot lol.

    Great Job so far my friend!


  8. Handi - Of course, that's quality control! :) Thanks!


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