Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blank Slate

Back in August, in my post about the New Wood Rack, I outlined my plan for the Total Shop Overhaul:

Phase 1: New Wood Rack
Phase 2: Remove Old Wood Rack to make room for the wall
Phase 3: Partition Wall w/ door
Phase 4: Window Installation
Phase 5: Rearrange Shop

I'm happy to report that Phases 1 - 3 are complete and I will be jumping to Phase 5 as soon as I can! Wahoo! The Phase 4 window installation is probably going to have to wait a bit, but I think I can live with that.

The main thing is that the partition wall is complete (okay, the door isn't in yet, but again, I can live with that). It's open at the top to allow heat into the shop, and open at the bottom because - well shoot, okay it's not totally done yet. Actually, it will have some sort of venting at the bottom to allow cold air return - otherwise I'd be working in a deep freeze all winter. I'm not sure what my plan is for the bottom venting yet, so I just left room.

You might notice that I used cheap, and not very smooth plywood. Hopefully, that won't be as noticeable once things are in place, otherwise I will regret saving the money...

So now it is on to the fun part - rearranging/reclaiming the shop! Options, options!

The next step is making about 30 feet of French Cleat...


  1. Dan.

    I think if it was me. I'd run some small electrical Cords to give you some electricity if needed.

    And at the top and bottom I'd put maybe 2 or 3 Vents in and close the rest. You want air return and all, there is a website called, they have an Electric Vent that goes into the floor vents with fans in it that help boost the airflow.

    I think they are like 15 bucks. Something like this wouldn't be a bad idea, maybe 2 on the bottom and 2 on top, so it can pull air uptop and blow it in from the bottom or something.

    If you want to cut back on dust or something, maybe a boxfan in the wall, and add a Furnace Filter in the front and back to help keep the other shop clean and dust free.

    Don't know if this would help or not, but just ideas of course lol. Good luck on figuring it out and it looks Awesome.

  2. Handi - I like the fan idea - as long as it was very quiet - I'll take a look online. Thanks!

    I think I will wait a bit and see how the heat works with the way the wall is now, and then make changes. The heat in the shop is a wall mounted hot water radiator with a powerful fan. When it kicks on, it blows across the ceiling and then down the far wall (the one in the shop). I think I need to be careful that I allow the air to flow back over towards the thermostat, or it might turn the shop side into a sauna. Either that, or the warm air might just stay up on the ceiling and I'd be standing down in a well of cold air. When it's 20 below zero outside, it doesn't take long for the cold to work it's way in. The insulated garage doors are pretty good, but they're still just garage doors...

    Anyway, I guess I will find out one way or the other pretty soon.

  3. Hey -- excellent progress!

    Can't tell it's plywood: from the photos it just looks like drywall. (Gonna put up some nice sailboat wallpaper...?)

    Sorry - are you willing to elaborate on the "window" component of your plans?


  4. I was always impressed with your old shop set-up, so I can't wait to see the new digs.

    Now to me, the wall is just begging for a 50" plasma in the center, flanked by your Miller Falls drill press on one side and a fine looking treadle lath on the other, not to mention the long, low cold chest below it to keep the beer cold.

  5. Gye - Thanks! And no on the sailboat wallpaper - although I would consider the bone wallpaper from Wallace & Gromit...

    The window will be in the end wall of the shop and look out into the back yard. Besides providing ventilation and lighting, it will combat the sense of isolation that comes with walls.

    Mitchell - You and me both! The can't wait part. Oh, and the fridge is on the non-shop side of the wall - can't have everything...

  6. Window: Ah! Yep -- very important.

    Wallpaper: How about this? -- -- Although it's only 20" x 40" for three and a half bucks -- so you'd probably want to ask about a bulk discount.


  7. Ah so this is how it looks like when it was empty... I should have seen this first before the one where in all your clamps where hanged. It is indeed a good job. I think I will start organizing my tools and come up with something like your place. It is very nice really. I can't help commenting on your blogs.


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