Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Exciting Shop Changes - and some thoughts on books.

Progress! Wahoo! It's really starting to feel like a shop again!

The big ex-government desk was moved into place (thanks to my brothers) and became the focal point for the "office" end of the shop. Three new shelves were installed and the ever growing woodworking library was relocated to the shop, where it belongs.

It's pretty amazing the energy that those books possess - when I step through the doorway they just turn my head and make me smile. Have I mentioned that I love books? It was pretty cool, just yesterday I was watching the latest Woodwright's Shop on PBS and Roy was talking about influential woodworking books. Of the books he discussed, I have all but one in my collection.

I love learning, and am thankful for the internet and all I have learned through it, but nothing compares to holding a book in your hands. Plus, with older books, there's the whole "Who has held this book before me?" question to ponder and you have a tangible link to the past. It's a little hard to explain maybe, but it's similar to the difference between electric baseboard and a woodstove - both will heat the room, but there's just no confusing the two energy wise.

If you are a complete book geek like me, you may want to check out the detailed list of my library: click on the "View My List-O-Books" link in the left navbar or just click here. As always, questions or comments about books are highly encouraged.

Anyway, here are the shots:

There's really only one drawback to the library; it occupies the same wall where I would like to add a window in the future. Here's what I'm missing in that department:

Hmm, I might just have to figure out a way to have both...


  1. Ah the joys of the non-power workshop... You can actually have those books in the same space you do work.

    As far as the view goes, you could consolidate the books to two ceiling shelves on either side of the window... of cours4e that would involve new shelves, a library ladder, and all kinds of cool projects. Underhill has a cool folding ladder in one of his earlier books. Always wanted to make one of those. :)

  2. Beautiful looking shop, Dan. I congratulate you, even though I am suffering with a tad bit of envy, especially regarding your "Plane Wall".


  3. 'Tis a shame you don't have any molding planes. They're neat.

  4. nice collection of books, ill be digging through your list shortly.

    the view is amazing!!!

  5. Erik - Yes, a definite advantage :)

    I'd thought about dividing the shelves into two sections with the window in the middle, but hadn't thought of the library ladder yet. Thanks! I think that folding ladder in Roy's book is called Thomas Jefferson's ladder, or something like that. Hmm.

    PTWW - Thanks! It is coming together.

    Jonathan - I know, I really need to do something about that...

    David - Thanks - dig and question/comment at will. As for the view, Alaska is one spectacular place to live - at least scenery wise. There are a lot of things I don't always enjoy about it, but it never let's you down visually. The other day there were three moose in that same perspective. I haven't checked the pictures yet, but if there is a good one, maybe I should post it...

  6. Dan,

    Very nice Indeed. Love the books, love the Desk.


  7. Wow! **Excellent** progress!

    Great wooden desk. (Hey - actual wood!) Surpus is the best -- I have a similar 1940s-ish wooden desk -- reminds me of a stereotypical high school teacher's desk.

    Window: If you surround it with built-in bookcases, you can make a bit of a window seat: just make the bookshelf carcass deep enough to lean your back against (and put your feet up against the other one).

    Used books: I agree. Also why used tools are (IMO) niftier than new tools. And used guitars...


  8. Gye - Thanks! Yeah, I love the old wooden desks. For me, they are so much more attractive then the newer one's - especially the yucky metal/plastic ones...

    I like your window seat idea, but I'm not sure I will have the room. As of now I'm leaning towards a rather small window - something in the 24" range. But cool idea.

    Yeah, old tools, old books, old houses - they are all more interesting. Anything with a story to tell...

  9. I also love books and in fact my first project with my newly purchased tools was a bookshelf where I can place some of my books. I am so amazed with your numerous tools displayed in your work are. I wish my work area would be that neat and big.


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