Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wooden Chalkboard Compass

We're starting a Geometry block at school and I needed a chalkboard compass. I know I could buy one online, but where's the fun in that? So I whipped up a prototype late last night and early this morning (pre-coffee even - living dangerously!).

I tried it out today and it works pretty well. So well, in-fact, that it is probably destined to join my long line of prototypes that become users. The only complaint is that the pencil eraser is a little too slippery. I'll probably need to replace it with something that has a bit more grab on a dusty chalkboard. I don't know what that is yet...

Here's a shot of the compass with the tool kit:

And here's a shot of its first "bench test":

Quick, fun, and useful - ahh, life's good!


  1. Dan, looks great, but I have to admit after all these years, I started to sweat when I saw the word "geometry" - hope all is well.

  2. Nice piece Dan. I dealt with the prototyp / temporary measures vs. user problem myself.
    My idea concerning your friction problem: How about some small suction cups? I`ve seen them on chalk board compasses before and they seem to be a good solution.



  3. Are your chalkboards magnetic? If they are you could try a rare-earth magnet instead of the eraser.

  4. Rick - Sorry to tap into your Geometry anxiety :) But really, it's fun! Thanks for commenting.

    Tobias - Yeah, I wish I could tell when a prototype would just work perfect, then I'd spend the extra time on the first one and be done!

    Thanks for the suction cup idea - I'll add it to the list of possible solutions to test.

    Philip - They are magnetic - that might work. I'll have to test it out. That might require a pivoting foot (so would the suction cup idea, not that I think about it). Thanks!

  5. Great tool. This is something that would be a huge help in my office, but I have never considered making on here at the shop. Well done!


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