Saturday, May 14, 2011

Birthday Toolbox

Well the years are flying by! Recently, it was time for Teague's third birhtday present from the shop - how is that possible? His first present was the skunk bench, and the second his blocks and their chest. This last year he has really been excited to spend time in the shop with me, so I decided it was time to make him his own tool box and start building his tool kit.

Here's the tote style box:

And his starter tool kit:

The kit in the box:

First inspection:

Full Approval:

The boy, standing on the chair from his grandfather's hardware store, and messing with his own tool kit - life is good!

And of course, his tool kit has already grown. His extra-small eggbeater hand drill arrived this week from eBay and has been throughly tested.


  1. My Mom tells a story of when I was about the same age and I used 'my' tools to take her washer apart when she wasn't looking....

  2. Happy Birthday to your son Dan, and hope you have many many good days in the shop.

  3. Thats Great...I remember the days in my Dad's shop when I was that age. What great memories. What a great birthday present.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    I remember playing "walkie-talkie" with my Dad's folding rules - pretty sure I broke a ton of those!

  5. Great to see. I look to such adventures with my own kids.

  6. I thought this was such a great idea I did it with my son today. Thanks!

  7. I love to work with wood also you are creative Dave

  8. What a great gift! That will do more for his character than anything else you could possibly have gotten him. Ummm, just be careful with the saw... table legs are awful tempting to a small fellow.

    Don't ask how I know, my rear end still remembers why saws and table legs don't necessarily go well together!

    Post Tenebras, Lux
    Dirus Canis
    The Wolf and Moon™
    Woodworking Tools of Afghanistan!

  9. Glad to see that you are enjoying the trip down the slope, and teaching your son to appreciate the ride.

  10. Excellent gift! A child and tools will never get themselves in the wrong kind of troubles, table legs not withstanding of course!

    Dexter Nasterbaldeks
    Stanley 118 Low Angle Block Plane

  11. That’s Great! The tool tote reminds me of the one my father and I built when I was in cub scouts! Very similar in design…but will have to say yours looks a bit better than mine did. :) I don’t believe there is enough father and son time happening today, like you’re spending with your son in the shop. So keep up the great job you’re doing as a father!

    Happy Fathers Day to all of the Fathers out there!

    FYI: Here’s a Great Source for Woodworking Plans…so, go make something with or for your kids!

  12. Great stuff!

    I have a tool kit going for my daughter. Seeing your blog post made me realize I'd overlooked safety goggles. Oops.

    In the "layout" of all the pieces, I don't see the marking gauge; but it's to the left of the tote when he's inspecting it. Is the marking gauge part of the kit, or was it already on the bench?


  13. Gye - Good eye! The marking gauge is part of his kit, but somehow evaded the group photo.

  14. Hey thats a wonderful creativity you have shown in this blog.. i like the pic...

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