Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sharpening Shelf

Last February I posted about the movable Scary Sharp station I made for our school shop. Well, I just converted it into a permanent station:

It was just getting in the way and I had the brackets left over from an ill-fated home project. I might add a second layer with pockets for extra tiles/paper.

It did occur to me that if it had a tight fitting lid that would also contain the front edges of the tiles, I could mount it on hinges and let it hang flat on the wall. Then, when needed, it could swing up, folding brackets would swing out to support it, and the lid would lift up and hook to the wall. Cool. But rather a lot of work to gain a little space - maybe later...

PS - No, that corner of the shop is not really that neat and empty - I just moved everything out of the way to work on the shelf. We moved the woodshop down to the ground floor, which is great, but the room is a little smaller and I'm working hard to get everything to fit.

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