Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shop Art : The Stanley Tool Guide

Well, lately I haven't been putting in much time working on (or in) my shop at home. Rather, it's been a long push to get the school shop up to speed. I'm happy to say it is now very close to being finished. I'll post some pictures soon in case anyone is interested.

There was just one problem. I had one wall that was way too blank. It needed something, but I just couldn't decide what it was. Then I found the perfect shop art to hang - "The Stanley Tool Guide". It's from the early 40's and is both practical and decorative. Well, decorative if you are a crazy, hand tool fanatic I guess.

I took it apart and framed the pages. Here are some shots - not the best quality unfortunately, but I think they show what I like about the prints.

The whole wall - and yes, it's pink. Got a problem with that?

And some detail shots:


  1. I love this. Gives the wall a real interest and I bet it gets people talking. Might have to "borrow" that idea.

  2. Yeah, looks good.

    Was that an original catalog or a reprint?

    Jim B

  3. Alviti - Thanks! And yes, they've gotten quite a few comments (mostly from adults) and I've noticed a few of my students quietly checking them out too.

    Jim B - Original. Well, two originals actually. I had to disassemble two in order to show both sides of some of the pages. They are not hard to find on eBay, although ones in good shape tend to be on the high side. I got lucky and these had cosmetic problems that kept the price low, but don't really show once framed.

  4. Dan, great idea! Looks good. What sixe ra the pages? Looking for ideas for my shop, not sure you know we moved " back home" to the Greater Cincinnati area and I'm setting up the new shop. Will post some "after" photos on my blog soon.

  5. Dan,

    The previous owners of our house used the area where my workshop now resides as a "workout room" of sorts. They painted the unsealed cinderblock walls (*sigh*) a garish purple. You know... because... well, because purple is so... ummm... motivational?

    Boy, they painted those walls well, too. Every nook and crevice - filled with purple paint.

    After TWO coats of KILZ and three coats of the semi-gloss top coat, I can still see purple hue in it.

    So... no comments about pink walls from THIS peanut gallery.


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