Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tool Tote

I meant to post this some time ago and then completely forgot about it. I only remembered when I stumbled across the pictures on the computer. So, anyway, here it is.

When I was getting ready for my classes with Roy Underhill last year (Dovetails and Mystery Mallet) I realized I didn't have an good way to transport all the tools I needed/wanted to take with me. It was time to build!

I thought about several different designs, but in the end I decided to make a larger version of the tool tote I made for my son's birthday. Here's how my larger version looked when it was loaded up for the class:

And here's a shot of the unpacked kit:

It's surprising what can fit inside - here's the list(from left to right):

8" Yankee brace, mallet (sans mystery), Gransfors Bruks sharpening stone, Stanley #71 router plane, Lie-Nielsen #98 & #99 side rabbet planes, Veritas marking gauge, Millers Falls coping saw, Stanley #60 low angle block plane, 6" dividers, bevel gauge, pencil box, auger bit file, still more dividers, square, Veritas spokeshave, another marking gauge, half-round files (single and double cut), Nicholson cabinetmaker's rasp #49, flat file (single cut), folding extension rule, auger bit (5/8th"), marking knife, Lie-Nielsen dovetail and carcass saws, my "Scary Sharp to Go" kit, and various gouges and chisels

This particular kit was based on a list specific to the class and additional tools I though I might need for the class projects. I can't remember why I took the Gransfors Brucks sharpening stone. It's what I use on my drawknives, but I didn't take any...hmm. I'm sure it made sense at the time.


  1. Dan,

    That is an impressive amount of tools in that deceptively large tote. Um... how much does it weigh loaded up?


    1. I don't really know Chris - definitely heavy, but not too bad really. One of the nice things about a continuous handle is that you can adjust your grip to balance the load.

  2. Hey Dan any drawings availble for the tote? Thanks


  3. I am impressing with your post great thing .
    So many tools

  4. Would you have the basic dimensions of this tote and the tote that you made for you son?


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