Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cool Old Tool Chest

Okay, it's pretty obvious I haven't done much with the blog lately, which sadly means I haven't done much in the shop lately either. It was a summer of travel and training, and while both were excellent, it was way, way too much. Now I'm back, but school has started up again and I'm buried.

But, I've finally had a chance to dig through the pictures I took this summer and before I go in and work on my classroom, I'm going to do a post.

As I said, I had training this summer, and it was in California. Not being one to drive by a store or flea market that "just might have old tools", I did squeeze in a little tool hunting. I didn't find much, but here's something of note.

According to the tag, this tool chest belonged to someone who worked for the Murphy Bed Co. I thought the unfolding design was pretty cool.

Here's another shot:

It was probably a good thing that I had to fly home, or it might have followed me, and I really don't need another tool chest, even one this cool. Which reminds me, I did buy a new chest last spring and I never posted on that one. Soon, maybe...


  1. I poke my head in to see if you've posted every once in awhile. My dad finally had the shop of his dreams in his retirement, where he built reproduction furniture from cherry felled in his own yard. My husband and I dream about a woodworking shop in our backyard, and your posts kind of keep us going in the meantime. :)

    1. Glad you enjoy the blog - sorry it's been so slow lately. Hopefully I'll be in the shop more often soon.

  2. Dan,

    That looks like a great project. Someday.

  3. Hey Dan, were did you find that old chest at? I mean where in California?

    1. Art - That was in Sacramento - email me if you want the exact location...


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