Saturday, January 24, 2009

Josh's Coat Rack

Last Saturday my brother Josh came over and asked me if I would make him a coat rack for his cabin. The initial idea was nice and simple, but then...well I think I'll let him explain it:

Be sure to check out all three pages - but fortunately, his iPhone was recharging when I cut my thumb open by rushing and being stupid - so no pictures of that.


  1. You made that in 3 hours???? You just raised the bar for the rest of us. ; )

    Great job! The progress shots are very cool. Bet your brother learned a lot of new things that day.

  2. I mean this in the best possible way...Holy Crap!

    And only 3 hours! You've been on a tear lately anyway, this is just sick.

    Sorry about the thumb; it's probably for the best that there was no documentation of that.

    You got skills.

  3. Kari & Geemoney - Thanks! It was cool. I'm almost always alone in the shop, so it was fun having someone to talk to - plus take the pictures. Josh probably did learn some new things (he's big time observant)and I relearned an important lesson:

    When the little voice says "That's probably not a good idea." the correct response is "Your right, I'll do it differently." Not "Shut your cake hole! I'm busy!" Sigh.


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