Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kaija's Project

Over the holidays, my niece Kaija worked on a project in the shop. She made a "grease pot" a la Roy Underhill, although I don't think hers will hold tallow.

We pretty much followed Roy's method (which you can watch here) with a few minor changes. I made one as well, staying one step ahead, to use as a tester for problem solving. Kaija did all her own work and was a very fast learner. We had a blast - I can't wait to do it again!

I think I'll let the pictures tell the story (click for larger views):


  1. Dan, what fun that must have been to have her in your shop and teaching her. The project turned out great. I bet she'll be stoping by more often!! Rick

  2. Those pictures are all kinds of happy. What a fun project for both of you. I saw Roy's in person at WIA in October and have wanted to make one ever since.

  3. Rick - It was great! Spending time with family is always good, but spending time with them in the shop is even better!

    Kari - It's an almost perfect small project; a nice mix of basic skills, with a dash of puzzle magic, on a very manageable scale.

  4. I totally forgot that my brother took some of these pictures. Thanks Josh!

  5. I'm sure that you're officially the coolest uncle ever now. :)

  6. Dan,

    She's done a VERY Good job on the project.

    I like it.


  7. Handi - I agree, she did fantastic!


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