Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shop Art

Just doodling around over coffee this morning:


  1. Dan,

    Is this a computer-modified photograph or a drawing? If it's a drawing, that must have been a big cup of coffee. Either way, I like it!


    1. Chris - Huge cup of coffee! But computer too... I think it came out a little dark - I was using my laptop and forgot that things tend to be a bit brighter on its screen. Thanks!

  2. Hey, Dan, I've just been perusing all your "Shop Stuff" posts, looking to see if you have one with the dimensions and/or plan of your home shop. I couldn't find one. Am I missing it? My husband *may be about to get a shop built in our backyard (pole barn style.

  3. Thirkellgirl - No - you didn't miss it, it's not there. It should be, but it's part of the missing "Shop Tour" that I keep meaning to start...

    Anyway, my shop is 1/2 of a slightly oversized two car garage with a high ceiling. It's been a while since I measured it, but I think it's something like 12'x25'. If you are using powertools (tablesaw etc.) you will probably want it to be a little bigger - esp. wider. For handtools, it's fine, other than I keep getting buried in wood - if I had outside wood storage everything would be fantastic.

    I hope that helps - I am meaning to do a Shop Tour post, but that won't be for a while...


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