Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tambour Progress

Here's the process I've come up with for making the slats for the chisel cabinet's tambour door.

First I round the edge of some 3/4 stock with a nosing plane. Since there is no stop, I used the pencil hatching trick to make keeping an eye on progress a little easier:

The section of odd texture on the end of this plane is from the overzealous stamping of F.A.H. - obviously that guy didn't cotton to others borrowing his tools.

Once it's rounded, I use the slitter on a Stanley #45 to cut most of the way through...

...and then finish removing the slat with a knife.

The slat is then placed curved face down into a jig so I can clean up the back with a jack plane.

And that's it - one slat finished (well, actually two since it's double length) and many more to go.

And here's a shot of the planes used:

Since each slat doesn't take very long to make, I'm hoping to sneak out to the shop and work through the total a little at a time. We'll see...


  1. One blog entry like this is more inspiring to me than almost anything else to keep cutting those cords.

    Thanks, Dan. :)

    (Seriously? You get stock that clear from the box store?? Crazy...)


    1. Ethan - Glad to help! And yes, the stock is from the Borg. The trick is, you can't go there looking for it when you need it. You have to stop in fairly often and DIG around in the stack and pull out the really good ones - maybe two or three, maybe one, most often none.

      Thanks for commenting!


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